We make time for you

A quality product deserves to be well thought out, and whether it be an image film, an event film, a report or sophisticated documentation, we will work with you to develop the aim and content of your project. Our task is to translate your vision into a concept optimal for film.

Film production is above all a craft

When the concept and the script are set, we take our team on location. We can offer you an efficient and affordable crew of a single cameraman who can also take over directing, or the whole package: catering, make-up, director, and lighting truck. We adapt our technology and camera format to suit your budget and purpose, and are happy to take care of casting for you as well.

Film is an emotional medium!

Editing makes a film. In our experience, close collaboration with our clients is the best way to guarantee an optimal result. We will provide you with an editor who is familiar with your target audience and experienced in the style of your genre.

We also have three high-definition editing systems available to edit material shot in all formats.

bb Film is a one-stop-shop for film, from conception through technical application right up to the final masterpiece.

  • Film conception
  • Script creation
  • Film production
  • Editing
  • Mastering for TV and Internet
  • Screen design and authoring for DVD and BluRay
  • Copying onto DVD and BluRay
  • Internet live streaming

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