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About production of an image film or company film

About our company, bb Film

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How much does it cost to produce an image film?

This of course depends on your goal. We only produce products which meet television quality standards. For a simple yet professional image film please plan for a quote from €3,500. This price includes conception, one to two days filming, editing and production for internet/DVD/BluRay. For more sophisticated demands involving animation and/or cranes, dollys or steadycams, or elaborate screen and sound design, we can offer an attractive package from approximately €12,000€. This of course includes services such as script production, professional vocals, dialogue direction, sound studio sessions, etc.

In the high-end segment, we offer a complete solution: target group analysis and a storyboard sketch in the preparation phase, lighting, make-up and catering on set and renowned composers for the soundtrack. This package guarantees your company and/or your product an outstanding entrance into the international market. Allow for a quote from approximately €28,000. Other combinations are of course possible. Regardless of what you're planning, we offer all of our clients a free consultation. If you have a smaller budget, we can recommend reliable associates to assist you in the realisation of your project.

What steps are required in producing an image film or a corporate presentation?

The first step is to clearly define the target audience and distribution. When the product requirements are set, this will usually determine the production style. Here, you can rely on our experience. Based on viewing patterns and usage habits in the various media – TV, internet/intranet, exhibition presentations, viral marketing or cinema advertising – we will present you with detailed proposals for the realisation of your project.

Producing the script is the second step; here, we deliver our detailed idea for the realisation of your film, and we always strive to be just a little more courageous than our competitors. After all, it's all about distinguishing your company or your product from others and presenting it in the best possible light. Production of the script often takes place in conjunction with the client's marketing department or PA agency; it's a mixture of an exchange of ideas, new approaches and problem-solving methods, and adapting the film to existing presentations or to the corporate identity of your company. Depending on the type and range of your film's purpose, we prefer to take our time with the production of the script, as this will ultimately serve as the binding template for the filming and editing processes and enable you to have complete control over the cost of the work to follow.

Filming is the practical execution of our collaboratively conceived film idea, and its efficient and cost-effective progression is summarised in the filming plan. Where required, we will organise actors, extras, and if necessary, permission to shoot. We will take care of filming locations and facilities, dialogue direction and technical support. In our experience, a positive atmosphere on set gives the best results; we will recommend a well-practised team of a director, light and sound technicians, and as our client, you are always welcome to join us. The subsequent editing process requires keen attention to detail; in contrast to other modes of public display such as print media, film speaks to all of the senses at once and is therefore appreciated more emotionally than cognitively, which is why we provide you with an editor experienced in the style of your genre. Images and sound are now merged, graphics and animation are introduced and our sound team blend music and accompanying sounds. We welcome a lively exchange of ideas with our clients right up to the presentation of the finished product. The film is complete when our client is satisfied.

Can I pay for individual services without having to purchase a complete package?

Yes. All services are available individually, for example editing of pre-shot video material in all formats. We are happy to make our technical and film teams available for third-party productions, and are able to take over scoring and sound design or production of animation and subtitling.

How large is your company?

bb Film comprises director and cameraman Andreas Bernhardt, freelance journalist and certified engineer Marion Müller-Roth, journalist Uta Baranowski, cameraman Alexander Krause and 3D animator Marc Laufert. We also work with a number of freelance collaborators, some of whom have been working in their specialty genre or with Bb Film in technical and creative realisation for more than eight years. Together we have been producing image films, product films, corporate films and trade fair films for more than ten years.

Our office is located on Kurfürstenstrasse 3 in Berlin, near Potsdamer Platz.

Who have you worked with previously? These clients can attest to a positive collaboration with bb Film:

Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft - Bundesregierung - Helena Waldmann - Rundfunkchor Berlin - ARTE - Bundesministerium für Familie, Senioren, Frauen und Jugend - Secunet - Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Technologie - Ereignischmiede GmbH - TJ Film - Cornelsen Verlag - Hanfgarn und Ufer – SIEMENS - Unrath & Strahno – Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin - Q-Film - ZDF - Initiative Deutsche Sprache - NIGHT OF THE PROMS - CAPTURE GmbH - Tangerine Dream - MME Me, Myself and Eye Entertainment GmbH – Dream Theater - Voodopop - Music Alliance Membran GmbH - Pantamedia – Gewandhaus Leipzig – Hannover Messe

Do you also work with our agency?

Our films can be incorporated into pre-existing marketing concepts, and we are accustomed to working with our clients' marketing departments and/or PR agencies.

Where do you work?

bb Film works nationwide in Germany and also internationally. Previous filming locations include Russia, Japan, and several European and African countries.

What services do you offer?

bb Film offers all of the services of a full-service film production company. These include:

In film conception:

  • Consultation and target group analysis
  • Script/dialogue book production and development
  • Storyboard sketching
  • Location scouting
  • Sourcing and coordinating actors and extras

During film production:

  • Recording (up to 12 HD cameras for large events, including live editing)
  • Camera EB team with cameraman (including lighting setup) and sound editor
  • Complete technical service including camera, lighting and sound technology and travelling/floating camera systems
  • Live internet streaming
  • Large screen projection

In post-production:

  • HD picture quality and sound editing
  • Colour grading
  • Mastering
  • Title and screen design
  • 2D and 3D animation
  • DVD and BluRay authoring
  • Disc copy service
  • A range of voices and sound studio/voice recording services
  • Sound design and music composition

Do you offer all of these services yourself?

Yes, most of them! We constantly have four camera systems available for film production, and lighting and sound technology are also our domain. Any additional equipment required for larger productions is hired. In post-production, we have three high-quality computer systems for HD editing. The sound studio services and DVD/BluRay copying are both done by a partner company, which we have been working with for years. Film conception including script production is of course taken care of in house.

Can you really promise me a binding price for a production?

After an initial conversation to define the content and the aim of the production, we will provide you with a binding cost estimate. If necessary, we will develop a script, or at the very least a filming plan, which lists the production steps in detail, including the time required and the necessary technology and personnel for each stage. This plan gives you complete control over the costs of the project.

When do I start to pay for your services?

The initial consultation and/or conversations are free of charge, as is an initial quote. The first costs are incurred at the stage of script production and preparation of a filming plan. We will typically provide an invoice after handover of the finished film. For projects involving a high number of personnel or intensive technical support, we will arrange for the amount to be paid in instalments, the first of which is due after filming and the client's first viewing of the material.